Constituting the Harpoon

Constituting the Harpoon
Constituting the Harpoon

So, when a bunch of students at the U want to get together and do something, I mean really do something.  Together.  In a bunch, like.  And not be arrested for being a mob or something, I mean.  When they want to do that, become a bunch, not become a mob, they become a Registered Student Organization.  This gives them access to all sorts of resources of the U.

Stationary.  Office Space.  Student Life Fee Funding.

All these things and more, o! so much more.

And all you have to do is fill in the paperwork.  And ask.  And ask.  And ask.

Even a cusrory reading the constitution of the Harpoon will make the reader with experience running organizations shudder.  Were a serious attempt made to actually operate an organization with this document, things would fall apart pretty quickly.  Certainly within one year.  Possibly much, much sooner if someone with an Agenda got involved.  Or even just someone with a Trickster mentality.  As difficult as that is to imagine.

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  1. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Where’s squinchy-winchy? Let me check my files. I’m sure I have the real thing somewhere.


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