Real humorists say “propaganda”

But they were really just ads. Horribly designed and written ads (done by a niave 22-year-old) I might add. But as the saying goes (and if its not a saying, then I just coined it): “Advertising is 80% being seen.”

The problem was we needed more writers and we needed to get noticed. Well, mostly we needed to get noticed. A monthly four-page pamphlet of a paltry 1,000-copy run that was distributed at (somewhere around) 5 locations on campus was treated with the same interest as a coupon booklet. We needed wider exposure. Hence, the most ubiquitous and overlooked form of on-campus advertising: the flyer.

I’ve taken the liberty of posting the first 3 flyers we produced. I say we only in the sense that Phil and Sparky would hound me incessantly at my bookstore job until I came up with something.  After I was done making them, Phil and Sparky would look at them, grunt approvingly and run to SLO to make a thousand copies. Looking back on them now I wince at the copy and design but also remember the pride as I saw my handiwork at hunderds of locations on campus. Might be why I’m still in the ad biz…



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