And Another Thing… (Reader Response, pt.1)

Who would have expected a sixth Hitchhiker’s book? Not me, and I was, as so many were, totally comfortable with five books in the trilogy. Here’s all the information you need about the book as a book you might get. I took my copy from the library.

On the other hand, it makes sense, though even still, I wouldn’t have expected another author, but rather some posthumous folderol. Nope. I’m through the first chapter, needed a sandwich, and decided to start responding now. Don’t expect a chapter-by-chapter response.

Or maybe there will be one. I read Life, the Universe, and Everything in one sitting when I was in eighth grade and bought my copy at the grocery store, after all.

The opening was a bit… hyper. Like someone really wanting to sound like… someone spent a lot of money trying to… sound like someone else. But I wasn’t hopeful in the first place.

Now, I was really irritated with the end of Mostly Harmless. If he didn’t want to write any more Hitchhiker’s books, he just shouldn’t have written any more. I felt like I’d been strung along on a writer’s exercise in disparaging the fan base. And if the point was the pointlessness of it all, well, that didn’t make things any better. I’m not interested in philosophical point-making at the expense of the story in a novel. That’s why I’m not interested in those tree killers from Ayn Rand.

But, at the end of Mostly Harmless, there were still some characters around who had a way of pulling something from the jaws of something else. Then chapter one started, and once I got my bearings, thought, “hey, that guy! Pretty cool.” Then that guy wasn’t that guy. Then I wondered if maybe that guy was really that other guy after all. Why not? It might be a bit too tidy. But it might work, since this sort of thing is similar to the sort of thing we’ve seen in other books (for instance, The Restaurant At the End of the Universe).

(Edit: I’m reviewing several posts in this blog. These posts about And Another Thing are frustratingly vague about being non-spoilery. I am sorry about that. Jan. 3, 2019.)

Then other characters were introduced, enough people were together to move the story along, that one guy who might also be that other guy was acting the way we need him to, and the beginning of a plot had been introduced along the way.

Not bad.

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