And Another Thing… (Reader Response… finale)

Well, I managed to get to the end, the end of a middle, anyway.

At the end I found the most unsatisfactory the parts which were most Douglas Adams-y. The things I found least satisfactory were the things which were least Hitchhiker’s-y. Like the plot.

The plot, you see. There was one. The weakest Hitchhiker’s books, as I recall them unread this long past decade, were the ones with the strongest plots.

Anyway, it ended about as well as anyone could reasonably expect. Everyone was separated, doing their thing. Or having their thing done unto them, depending. Fortunately, nobody… ha! I’m not spilling the beans.

So. Was it worth it? Is it worth while? (These two are not exactly the same thing, of course.) Remember when Jamie Delano stopped writing Hellblazer? Same sort of thing.

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