Donna Noble got Ripped Off

The Doctor has had plenty of companions. A boat load of them, if you count all the people who were more helpful than not, even if they weren’t traveling companions, and even if they were really just there because they were, if you will, the heart of the problem. Anyway. There have been a lot... Continue Reading →

The Doctor, not Generations

I haven’t gotten around to re-watching Generations yet, since we’ve been watching all the post-Eccleston episodes of Doctor Who. Thank Wii streaming for the fact that it’s easier to watch something like 40 hours of recent TV than 2 hours of VHS. I’ll probably end up watching Insurrection, too. Which might mean I’ll just have... Continue Reading →

Neuromancer: Reader’s Response finale

Well, dagnabbit, if Neuromancer didn’t pretty much fall apart at the end. Sticking with my noir framework for a moment, looking back on it, Neuromancer had been threatening to fall out of that frame for most of its length. The plot kept veering off toward a “team adventure, caper, super-secret-quintuple-cross.” And that actually is where... Continue Reading →

Neuromancer: Reader’s Response pt. 4

Well now, things are picking up, in terms of plot. They don’t make an awful lot of sense if you look too closely at them. But if you squint a little and don’t worry too much about the unlikely technology or the cultural references which are either real but obscure or simply made up, things... Continue Reading →

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