Slip-slippin into the future…

Buy Now! I'm a good chunk of the way into Feeling Very Strange, and... it doesn't make me feel all that strange. The stories are good, quite good, on the whole, and worth reading, but the slipperiness of the idea of slipstream is leaving me a little cold on the category. The only story that's... Continue Reading →

“I am the Doctor, dammit!”

As is always the case with a new Doctor (and with a new companion), we viewers are a little uneasy at first. We’re used to the other guy, and this guy looks different, sounds different, acts different. Is he really the Doctor, or just some guy who's dressed funny, has a warbling stick, and a... Continue Reading →

Reading List

No commentary, here, just a bit on reading, and what might be coming up. I just started Feeling Very Strange (2006), an anthology of slipstream. As a concept, slipstream is apparently in the range of twenty years old or so. Samples of works that would fit into the concept apparently go back to the Dawn... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who, “The End of Time” (part 1)

Dream logic abounds in Doctor Who. For decades, we’ve enjoyed stories where suddenly things happen, and suddenly things make sense, and suddenly things work out. Often, this is because of the force of the Doctor’s personality, sometimes the force of his will. In recent seasons, more often than in seasons past, it’s been because of... Continue Reading →

The end of The End of Eternity

It ended strong. I'm quite impressed with this novel. The manliness manliness of it was explained in context. I'm not sure that, if Eternity as described were actually possible, women would actually prove incapable of dealing with it. But I'm completely willing to accept that the organization and design of Eternity would make women unwelcome... Continue Reading →

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