“Hi, I’m Isaac Asimov, and I write things like this…”

“If there was a flaw in Eternity, it involved women.”

That’s from The End of Eternity. I started it, briefly, as a break from Foundation, from which I needed a bit of a break, after deciding that Hari Seldon is a big fat liar. I didn’t get very far; that quote about women is from the end of the first chapter.

I’ve read just about nothing by Asimov, of course. Just Pebble in the Sky, half of Foundation, and one chapter of The End of Eternity. But I’ll go out on a limb here, and say that Asimov doesn’t bother much with women characters. There’s one implied in The End of Eternity. So far there have been zero in Foundation, and there’s really just one to speak of in Pebble in the Sky. Anyway, I’ll reserve judgement, but I’ll tell you right now, Mr. Asimov, I’ve got my eye on you. I’ve got my eye on you.

I’m still not through Foundation, moving on to a topic which probably deserves its own post. I touched on it in the post about Hari Seldon being a big fat liar, but I’ll make it explicit. It’s looking to me like The Foundation is a bit more sinister than being merely autocratic and know-it-all-it’s-for-your-own-goody-goody.

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