Viewer’s Response–Sherlock: “A Study in Pink”

This was entertaining--a fun, high-energy modernizing of Holmes and Watson. Almost a romp, if you can leave aside the mayhem and murder. Others more capable than I can make the inevitable comparisons with Doctor Who, though some are obvious (the characterization of Holmes, particularly) and others are probably more subtle (production style, maybe, Cardiff for... Continue Reading →

“I am the very model…”

Over at The Dish, I came across a video which seems to be supportive of President Obama. It touts his Presidential accomplishments, and touches on some of his personal qualities, too. It's in the form of a walk around the White House while he and, presumably, his staff and family sing a copy-change of "The... Continue Reading →

On “Hell is the Absence of God”

Buy Now! Here’s a story that made me feel strange, keeping, on the whole, the promise of the slipstream anthology it’s in. The premise is that the popular idea of Christianity is correct. Not, mind you, that there is anything explicitly Christian about the world the author, Ted Chaing, presents. There’s no talk of the... Continue Reading →

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