Moorcock is out of his mind

Caught your attention, didn't it, those about almost none of you who know who Michael Moorcock is. I have no idea of that's true, actually, since all I have to go on is just about almost nothing I've ever read by him, being about two Elric books, one other Eternal Champion title (if I even... Continue Reading →

Correct me

There's no such thing as a free-range UU. I took the position that one must be a member of a congregation to be UU at the end of my "What does it mean..." series. Looking at the way the terms are defined and cross-referenced, it seems to me that the only way to be UU... Continue Reading →

Sonnet Number One

Entering Seattle, my guts knuckled around my spine, squeezing, racing my heart. My friend, who thought up this dumb trip, chuckled. A thousand miles and at the end a hurt woman. Years had passed but my harm still stung her. Now worry about her anger as fresh as showers wormed within me. Her sharp tongue... Continue Reading →

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