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Had a baby.

Whew. She was born mid-June, but was several weeks early. There were a few busy days there right at the beginning, and when things slowed down, I had gotten out of the habit of checking in with my Unitarian Universalist on-line life.

She’s still in a NICU about 200 miles from where we-all live. My wife and our six-year-old are doing AOK, on the whole. They’re staying with my parents about 45 minutes from the hospital. I’m home in northern Michigan, working, and checking in once (sometimes, but rarely, twice) a day.

Girly is well, gaining weight, developing apace, but is still at least a few days, and possibly a few weeks, from being released. I’m grateful she’s generally OK, that the staff at our near-by hospital did such a quick and humane job (first intimation of trouble–6:45 am, baby born–9:45 am), and that she’s getting great care at the big children’s hospital back that-a-way (helicopter depature–5:15 pm).

But the coordinating of a widely-dispersed family has focused on-line time to updates, posting photos for extended family, and the like.

As I mentioned a while ago, we actually joined our congregation. The first two visits my wife had during her hospital stay after the c-section were from members of the congregation that very day, after our son and I had left to meet my parents at the children’s hospital.

I have a couple more ‘what I’ve been doing’ posts up my sleeve, and I hope to get to them within the next week or so.

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  1. Hi Nagoonberry! And thanks! There is a congregation not far from the church, though we haven't contacted them. It took a bit more than year to feel comfortable with our northern Michigan congregation, after all.


  2. One of my previous gigs was hospital chaplaincy. My instincts are always to connect people with supportive community, particularly if they're in crisis, particularly if they're far from home. Hope all's going well.


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