James Luther Adams

I’m still here, slooowwly making my way through JLA’s On Being Human Religiously.

Slowly because, now that our new baby’s home (been about 3 weeks now), I don’t have time (the energy) to read more than a page or three at a go.

Slowly because, honestly, if you’ve ever read him, it’s just slow going. The prose style is mid-century academic, with a heavy dose of technical terminology layered on a mound of theological ideas I’ve never thought much about.

Except when I have. Once I got through the flavor of the writing (made somewhat easier by the semester of Jung I had as an undergrad–tip: just keep reading, you’ll find many of the strange terms eventually become clearer simply through the fact that they cross reference each other), I found that much of what he’s saying is either something I’ve said or been groping toward. Said, of course, better, more clear-eyed, and academically.

I’m enjoying this collection of essays, and I’m taking a break having gotten about half way though. I’ll let it settle a bit, and probably come back to it before the end of the year. And maybe even have something to say about the content… For the moment I’m picking my way through The Graveyard Book (Gaiman), Winnie the Pooh (Millne), and The Book of God (Josipovici). Each of these, in particular ways, as palate cleansers for my mind.


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