Who UU Lay Bloggers Should I be Reading?

Who has time to read? I find I have somewhat more than I sometimes think. Over there, on the left side of this blog, is a list of “Others.” These are blogs I’ve stumbled across, or been pointed to by twitter or The Interdependent Web. (Note: this list was on a more UU-focused blog, on Grumble Flap I keep a shorter, broader, and more fluid list. -SM, Jan. 10, 2019.)

There are a lot of Rev. people in that list, and that’s fine. But recently I’ve become aware that the voices I’m missing are the voices like my own–UU laity.
So, in the comments leave blog recommendations from UU laity. Or, use the #uulaity hashtag on twitter, and I’ll run a roll here.

(Note on old UU posts.)

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