Things I’m reading

The Phantom of the Opera (I listened to this book… oh maybe twenty years ago when I drove so much. Then I bought it).

Ready Player One (a near-future semidystopian view of what life might be like if our primary goals existed entirely on-line… a friend likes it for the nearly non-stop 1980’s references, I’m finding it almost as good as it should be).

The Gift of Faith: Tending the Spiritual Life of Children (a gift from a couple in the congregation on the day we welcomed out newborn into the congregation).

The House at Pooh Corner (bedtime reading with the Boy-o… and now I want to dig out my Tao of Pooh).

Simmering, awaiting being picked up again:
The Haunted Omnibus (a 1920’s-era collection of ghost stories ranging from the excepts from the One Thousand Nights and One Night, though classical Rome and Shakespeare, and up-to-the-minute-from-90-years-ago).

The Book of God: A Response to the Bible (an old standby).

Being Human Religiously (part way through, and makes it me feel like my brain is mush, and I expect to post more about it when I begin working through it for a second time)

Ulysses (for the first time–honestly, but not seriously)

Also reading:
Our daughter’s infant face (her brother is her favorite, then the ceiling fan, then her mom, then–I hope–me).
Our son’s homework (and his art).
The kitchen sink (always the same story–dishes go in, dishes go out–but I can listen to sermons and the Selected Shorts podcast).

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