In the Library, with a Lead Pipe

Here's the scenario... I'm sitting in my local UU congregation, and we have a guest, a Sikh guru, who gives our sermon that week on the history and basic teachings of Sikhism. After the guru has gone home I find I can't get the ideas out of my head... they're really speaking to me, and... Continue Reading →

JLA Occupies Liberal Religion

"In contrast ...Giacometti perceives contemporary humanity as having no reliable basis on which to order and delineate the space around us." I've been working my way through Being Human Religiously by James Luther Adams, slowly slowy, because his prose is like a big mouthful of Tootsie-Rolls. But the quotes in "Art, Psyche, and Society" I'm... Continue Reading →

Again with the Freerangers?

I'm still gnawing on this bone. Peter Bowden drew my attention to a current UUA effort to grasp the circumstances surrounding freerange UUs. Please share this survey as widely as you can. (Note: this was a 2011 thing. -SM Jan. 10, 2019.) Here's the announcement from the Blue Boat youth and young adult ministries blog:... Continue Reading →

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