Wrap-up: Babylon 5

It took a bit more than two years, but Geek Night in our house has moved on from Babylon 5. We watched the final two episodes a couple of weeks ago.

“Objects at Rest” finally payed off the prediction by (what, for lack of a better term, I’ll call) Mr. Morden’s ghost from “Day of the Dead.” In that episode, Morden hung out with Lennier and gave him some bad news about betraying the Anla-shok.
“Sleeping in Light” was, this time around, a less moving ending than I recall it being on previous viewings. This is possibly in part due to the somewhat erratic viewing schedule we used this time around. Another factor is that we decided, at essentially the last minute, to watch it so we would–finally–be done with the series. It’s not that it’s been a slog, but with this group of viewers, this time around, season 5 really did get treated as a tacked-on set of stories. 
imagesWe’re going to take up Stargate SG-1, and–I think–continue with classic Twilight Zone. We watched the original Stargate theatrical release (except for the final 10 minutes when the VHS went, strangely, to video snow and no audio) last week. Next week the TV pilot 2-parter, then… 
Since it’s a pot-luck, we try to shake up the menu week-by-week by looking ahead at episode titles, and trying to theme the food accordingly, though, keeping with the Egyptian origins of Stargate’s story, we’ll spend another week more-or-less Mediterranean.

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