SG-1: Early Days

The premise, in case you've forgotten your mid-1990s Showtime programming, is that a team of United States Air Force personnel, plus someone who's probably a civilian, plus someone who's an extraterrestrial human with a bit of alien in the belly... Wait... The Good Guys have a Stargate in the basement of a military complex in... Continue Reading →

Geek Night Update: ST & SG-1

We've started up with two new shows. Of course, they're not really new shows, so much as shows some of us were familiar with from long-standing fandom. More-or-less. We're still doing two episodes a night, generally, mixed in with eating (especially chocolate cake, when I'm lucky), and--in addition to the now-seven-year-old--two (count 'em, two! and... Continue Reading →

“Half-human on My Mother’s Side”

The Doctor lies, so the title of this post is not the big secret at the end of "The Wedding of River Song." In any case, we got to the end of the season where the Doctor Dies! Dun-dun-dun... And, he--of course--did not die. I predicted this, so I'm feelin' pretty gooood about things. I... Continue Reading →

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