“Half-human on My Mother’s Side”

River, The Doctor, Rockin' Rory, & the Girl Who Waits
River, The Doctor, Rockin’ Rory, & the Girl Who Waits

The Doctor lies, so the title of this post is not the big secret at the end of “The Wedding of River Song.”

In any case, we got to the end of the season where the Doctor Dies! Dun-dun-dun… And, he–of course–did not die. I predicted this, so I’m feelin’ pretty gooood about things. I also predicted that the answer to how was right there, right in front of me. I’m in danger here of overselling, so let me admit that, had I said, “the answer is staring me right in the eye,” which–really–I might have, but didn’t, I would have a shaky leg to stand on that I had actually predicted the end of the season.

Of course, I didn’t. To be honest, I’m still not 100% on exactly how it all worked out, but that doesn’t really matter. What I am actually modestly hopeful about is the button at the end of the episode… wellll, the next to last button. The one where The Doctor indicates that he’s going underground, or back into the shadows, or something like that. In a previous post, I hoped that there would be less universe shattering shatterings going on, and more with companions like Donna and Rory. You know, the kind of companions who don’t fall in love with The Doctor and whose falling in love-nesss drive the plot while a season-long universe shattering shatteringness hangs in the background of every episode like Chekhov’s Ragnarök.

Anyone who didn’t know what the question as old at time is before the Big Blue Marble articulated it either hadn’t been watching the show long enough, or had been watching so long they forgot it, or weren’t paying enough attention to what the writers always do when The Doctor picks up a new companion and don’t want to make them notice or care that it’s bigger on the inside. Or they just didn’t want to try to tease that out of the plot.

And now I’m looking forward to seeing “The Doctor, the Widow, & the Wardrobe.” And the next season… when does that roll around?

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