Game of Oh Lookit That! A Crow!

What's that you say? Someone is coming to kill me?

Geek Night has moved on to season one of Game of Thrones. We’re about half way though, and here’s what we’ve learned. If you’re little, you’re likeable, and the larger you are, the less likable you’re likely to be.

There are exceptions. Ned, while amongst the largest characters, remains among the most likable. However, he’s recently been hobbled, which cuts him down a bit. And he’s played by Sean Bean, so I expect him to look increasingly like a porcupine.

Also Robert, while clearly the largest character round, is not the least likable; unless you think the Dothrocknroller king is the largest character around–and we’ve seen plenty of evidence that he might be–and he’s far from the least likable character.

Anyway, that’s about the clearest summary I can give of this show.

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