No more escalation in Afghanistan

Something I sent to my rep…

Dear Rep. Huizenga,

Afghanistan is a complex, difficult foreign policy and military problem for the United States, and I’m writing today to urge two things.

First, that a more comprehensive plan be developed and implemented to get the United States out of the conflict which is at this point largely internal to that country. Terrorism still demands our attention, and robust solutions are necessary for the foreseeable future, but de-escalating the US military presence is now more in line with American long-term interests in a peaceful, modern Central Asia.

Second, that any plan, no matter how closely or distantly aligned to my hope, be developed and implemented with US diplomatic and military corps in both the lead and in control of the American mission. Recent reports indicate that Erik Prince is agitating for an increased role for private contractors (which he describes as “not mercenary,” which is good, but too much private control of mission is not good–here’s the report which most recently caught my attention Blackwater founder Erik Prince cites East India Company as a model to privatize Afghanistan war). But in the interest of Making America Great Again, please recall that the US & her allies won World War II in just a few years, and implemented the Marshall Plan to rebuild Western Europe after that, by keeping mission design and control under the control of civilian leadership directing chain-of-command military and professional diplomats.


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