The Strangeness of Christmas Songs

I love Paul McCartney. The Beatles. I love Wings. I love those songs with Michael Jackson.

But, dang, Christmas songs are just strange. Here’s a strange song with a strange video.

The strangeness of the video is self-evident. It’s an early video era project having a joyful time playing with the possibilities of this new medium.

The song is pretty, but the instrumentation is very science fiction. Which is strange for a Christmas song. Particularly one whose lyrics and themes are a celebration of more-or-less traditional Christmas pleasures.

There might be a case that the juxtaposition throws these two elements–the future and the past. That Christmas is an explosion of the eternal into the mundane. I like that idea. Of course, it might also be a case of Paul McCartney can do no wrong, and no matter how odd as long looks or sounds when you think about it, when you experience it, it’s actually OK, or even better.


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