Enjoying 5/4/every year

Coming to you, straight from your favorite over-exposed long-playing record jacket, a photo you might have a difficult time making out.


This moment of pop-culture graffiti hangs on a railroad overpass in West Michigan, in a place where the light is always bad, and this is today’s photo of it. It has been there since… 197something, I think. As long as I can remember, and I remember when Star Wars was a movie called Star Wars.

I also remember when there was going to be a second movie, and that a really skinny, really blond kid told me its name was going to be A Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. Then he told me about Darth Vader and the volcano. Then he did a magic trick with a ball and a lidded cup. I remember his name was Merlin, which it wasn’t. Probably. Memory is weird.


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