Cat's Paw... View this post on Instagram   This image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the Cat's Paw Nebula, so named for the large, round features that create the impression of a feline footprint. The nebula is a star-forming region in the Milky Way galaxy, located in the constellation Scorpius. Estimates of its distance... Continue Reading →

Autumn Windy Night Like any picturesque town, we have a library. Outside the library, along the road, are a number of street trees. They're fully grown. Tall. Spreading. Chock full of leaves. We have a fairly small number of streetlights. Which is great! But some of them are placed just right to really highlight some cool things.... Continue Reading →

We Have a Place

It's not our private place, but it is a place we claim as a particular place in our lives. It's a restaurant, a cafe, a little bar. We are fortunate to have it, and our town is fortunate to have it. It has grown from a place where they made bread and scones to include... Continue Reading →

Misty Morning

I have been meaning to get this picture for about ten years. These others came along while I was walking through the humid, drizzly morning, along the puddle-flecked pathway from the parking area to the middle of the drawbridge over the river.

Some Parenting

Our children are exploring music. Through school. Our district has a pretty good program for the youngest students to explore performance basics, and then encourage the ones who enjoy it to really dig into band and vocal performance. So here are some audio-only clips from recent years of him and our middle child doin' the... Continue Reading →

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