We Have a Place

It’s not our private place, but it is a place we claim as a particular place in our lives.

It’s a restaurant, a cafe, a little bar. We are fortunate to have it, and our town is fortunate to have it. It has grown from a place where they made bread and scones to include locally sourced dairy products at retail, a three-meal restaurant, and full-service bar.

Breakfast coffee at the place.
Breakfast coffee at the place.

It is quirky in the way of any profoundly local place, and peculiar in the way of a place which is constantly looking for ways to grow. Sometimes the effort to accommodate the new jostles uncomfortably with expectations. But rough experiences are smoothed out by good will, good food, and the opportunity to experience the experience of the particularity embodied by this place.

Coffee, muffins of many types, sweet desserts, savory entrees, local beers, delightful wines. Staff with knowledge, willingness to accommodate, and the autonomy of a confident visionary at the helm. This is not a place where sameness predominates. It is wild in the way of a vital forest, where the new jostles with the expected. Each visit, and each meal is distinct from the others, but recognizably the successor to the previous. Quality is the goal, not replication.

This is a good place, and we visit often.

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