Was 2005 a Good Year to Blow Up the Earth?

Maybe, but it sure feels like I have no idea.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (film edition) came out that year. I remember going. I remember thinking it was pretty good, and that I was really happy to hear “Journey of the Sorcerer,” which totally was a gift from the producers to the old-timey fans.

But I’m watching it now, 13 years later, and thinking, “hey, if Martin Freeman can slim down in the last 13 years, then so can I!”

And also thinking, “wait, those shovels weren’t on Magrathea? What movie did I watch?”

And also, “a romantic comedy?”

And also, “Marvin! I like the other end for him better.” And then, “whew.”

It’s a fine movie, and a good adaptation of the material. I would like to have seen maybe some of the other radio material adapted into a couple of additional movies ostensibly adapting The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and Life, the Universe, and Everything. Three movies would probably been enough.

Among the things I forgot were these two tidbits. Slartibartfast has always, probably, for a long time, anyway, been my favorite character. Zaphod is flashier, Arthur is the hero, Trillian has to be every woman which doesn’t seem fair, and Ford is the one who gets things done whenever they go somewhere but he’s not a lot more on top of things than anyone else.


And Marvin, of course.

But Slartibartfast is still my favorite.

The other thing I forgot about is the moment where the construction guy on Earth, Mark-2 is spraying water into the ocean to get it initially filled up.

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