Bitten by a Camel

Buy Now! Ok. Disclosure up front: I know this author. He's Lead Teacher at the congregation I attend. The things he questions could fill a bigger book than this. But they do not need to. Part memoir, part meditation. Dobson exposes his uncertainties, shares experiences we all have been though, and shows us places Christians... Continue Reading →

Prompt: Water

The Lump of Water Built up from drips, sculpted by the thoughtless hands of temperature and wind, a small ice sculpture sits at the back corner of our home, squatting beneath the rain gutter drain pipe. It is the natural result of the combination of physics and human activity. Evaporation, condensation, freezing, melting, running, falling,... Continue Reading →

Axis Mundi: Terra Discussion

Axis mundi, the center of the world, was the topic of discussion at C3 West Michigan's Spiritual connection this past Sunday. Kent Dobson touched on many notions, but one to which my thoughts returned several times over the day was the sacred|particular tension. I liked that Dobson used the word 'particular' when talking about sacred... Continue Reading →

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