Community in Community

When thinking about the previous post, I came across this post from the politywonk blog.

It’s difficult to extract a meaningful quote from the post, but here’s something at least. “But what is the value of this to the regulars? Free rangers (which is not the same as wanderers who stumble through ) know they have a vested interest in the regulars who covenant.”

I’m not certain yet what I’m getting at, or why this post was so affecting for me. I’m rusty in my habit of thinking through this stuff.

I also want to touch on the fact that our Sunday community is, conventionally speaking, not a religious community. But I’m going to refer to it as one in these posts because (1) I don’t want to use convoluted language, or try to come up with some other word, and (2) my general usage if religion is a way of organizing a community life around questions of meaning.

In looking at possible etymologies of the word, there’s Cicero’s idea of choosing to reconsider, and there’s also Campbell’s idea of binding. Reconsidering and binding together, living in community and making meaning–that’s religion. So I’m going to use the language I’m going to use when I need to express what I need to express.

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