The Merry Spinster–Get Unsettled In

Buy Now! When you need a quick... pick-me-up, you can hardly do better than some updated fairy tales. Ortberg drags classic tales out of the shadows, through the clear light of the modern day, and deposits them back in the shadows of the reader's shuddering mind. Totally recommended for the person who can't get unsettled... Continue Reading →

Hallaj: Poems of a Sufi Master

Buy Now! A gorgeous book, full of lush imagery. A collection which sings across the centuries to speak to us even in the 21st Century. Love, God, and spiritual solace uplift the reader on the powerful twin wings of hope and awe.


Buy Now! Garfield brings the reader on a journey across time, mainly in the Western tradition, with stops at calendars, clocks, trains, personal injury, the Beatles, and much more. Each chapter unpacks a bit more of what it means to be a time-bound being, with stories, reminiscences, science, sociology, and just enough end notes to... Continue Reading →

James Baldwin and the 1980s

Buy Now! A vital contribution to contemporary understanding of a period bridging the end of the civil rights era and our current understanding of intersectional identities. Literature and political life come together uniquely in the life of James Baldwin, and his American experience illuminates our own lives and thoughts.

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics…

Buy Now! Entering a narrowly open door, Michael Pollan explores the history--and current state--of psychedelics in mental health and brain science. Pollan brings his signature style of deep research, developing interpersonal connections with specialists, pressing his subjective experience for deeper understanding, and carefully constructed speculation. Personally, while the history sections and the memoir portions were... Continue Reading →

Dark Nights: Metal–A Huge Crisis Crossover

If it's an even-numbered year, it must be time for a multiverse-shattering cross-over event! It certainly often seems that way. Dark Nights: Metal is so huge that it takes four collections to pull everything together. On the whole, it's an amazing run with some remarkable observations about some of the DC Universe's most important characters... Continue Reading →

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