He Wore A Hat

And he said things that made people uncomfortable. I have not listened to the above recordings in, probably, ever. It is possibly full of NSFW words. Kirk Wilson was a guy I knew in days when it seemed like outrageous was a good way to go about things. In those days, a friend and I... Continue Reading →

Space Odyssey–Looking at a Classic Movie Anew

Buy Now! 2001: A Space Odyssey remains one of the most puzzling films of all time. As an exercise in film-making, 2001 sustains deep analysis even 50 years later. Michael Benson's book is a substantial addition to this body of analysis. Detail and lively writing make this film history a true pleasure to read.

Viral: The Fight Against AIDS in America

Order Now-Release Day June 4, 2019 Written for the youngest of young adults, high school students, this book takes an unsparing (but not salacious) look at the origins of the disease. It also offers an unsparing look at the causes of the epidemic, and forthrightly addresses reasons for why it continued to spread for as... Continue Reading →

Shelley by Vandermeulen and Casanave

Perfect for the ravenous reader of graphic novels, Romanic poets, or people who are clever. The prose guides the reader along the high points of Shelley's early adulthood with breezy language and mod characterizations. The art is a fun combination of the style popularized in '80's alt-comics (notably From Hell), and early 20th Century comic... Continue Reading →

Catwoman, Vol. 1: Copycats

Buy Now! Visually striking, but ultimately a little thin, this new presentation of Selina Kyle too easily treads well-worn paths. The characterization of Catwoman hints at comics continuity in ways which barely matter, while moving too quickly through harrowing emotional beats which could have grounded the story for real-world readers. Nearly unbearable emotional pain gets... Continue Reading →

Sky in the Deep: YA for the Viking Set

Buy Now! Adrienne Young brings readers a powerful new hero in Eelyn, young warrior for her people. A long-standing feud with nearby raiders boils over when Eelyn's vengence leads her into a dangerous journey into the heart of enemy territory. Family secrets erupt, opening her heart to new possibilities, and the promises of new ways... Continue Reading →

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