Alpha and Omega: Harry Turtledove

9781980039334_400I just finished listening to the audio book edition of Alpha and Omega by Harry Turtledove. A tight, unrelenting book, masterfully handling multiple points of view. Turtledove eases you into the world of the book. This is a thriller set in Jerusalem, all right. Then, with a couple of explosive events–one literal, one archealogical–he begins bending the character’s reality, while keeping the reader believably grounded in early 21st Century realities. Turtledove succeeds in his story by fully committing to the miraculous nature of the events of the narrative, and by fully committing to the humanity of all the characters–be they secular journalists, the mashiach, Christian televangelist, or Muslim leader, among many others.

The audiobook reader, George Guidall, keeps things moving, alternating smoothly between the many POV characters, men and women, old and young, and a variety of accents while never being show-offy.

Order the audiobook or print edition from The Bookman.


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