Firearms ownership study, 2019

Here's the top line. States with more permissive gun laws and greater gun ownership had higher rates of mass shootings, and a growing divide appears to be emerging between restrictive and permissive states. Guns are for killing people. Source: bmj.l542.full

“Get a job!”

On one of the rile ya up FB posts about Michigan's governor Whitmer's proposal to make it easier for people who have some assets still qualify for aid, someone got riled up and, essentially, said how much they would also like to get government money for not working. So I responded. I dunno, to the... Continue Reading →

Taxes, politicians, and you

The short of this post is: self-governance is good, ad hoc problem-solving has unintended consequences, and we Americans have a habit of supporting people making their own decisions when we feel like we might also make a decision like that. It's a long post. Watch it. So, this item recently came across my FB news... Continue Reading →

Joker in Marvel’s NYC

Maybe Daredevil. Joker has to aggregate a lot of small resources (a lot a lot--project management might be his superpower), including a lot of small corruptions in order to do his thing. And he seems to like his thing to happen in an urban environment. That sort of network on that sort of scale seems... Continue Reading →

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