“Get a job!”

On one of the rile ya up FB posts about Michigan’s governor Whitmer’s proposal to make it easier for people who have some assets still qualify for aid, someone got riled up and, essentially, said how much they would also like to get government money for not working. So I responded.

I dunno, to the degree this is a problem that can be solved by working, then job creators are pretty much the only ones who can solve it. People who aren’t in a position to hire people aren’t well positioned to say ‘get a job,’ since that’s really just armchair quarterbacking. It’s easy to solve a problem you don’t have, especially if you aren’t able to implement the proposed solution. If donations had been an adequate solution, the full community in the form of government would not have had to step in.

Because, seriously.

A recent report from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General says that 4,076 cases resulted in disqualification from the program in the 2018 fiscal year. That’s 0.60 percent of 684,001 total cases. The cases were classified as “intentional violation disqualifications,” and they range from low-level misuse, subject to fines and temporary disqualification, to criminal referrals to local prosecutors. (cite)

That’s all.


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