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What's So Comic About Supers? coverGames people like me play! In fact, meple, here is a game I wrote!

What’s So Comic About Supers? is a very small table top role playing game. Take a look, and I hope you enjoy it. What with one thing and … another … this year, rather than getting together at someone’s house to play Dungeons & Dragons every month or so, I scratched that itch by digging into D&D Twitter, & following a… select handful of it.  

This moved on fairly quickly to me following TTRPG game designers more than other players. One of them, Jared, is ideal for someone like me. Knowledgeable, more interested in language and form as such, rather than merely as things to polish, and willing to disassemble Games in an effort to find the thing at play.

He wrote a game called What’s So Cool About Outer Space? This is also a very small TTRPG. Then someone else decided to invite people to write variants of that game. That event was called What’s So Cool About Jam?, and that’s what prompted me to write What’s So Comic About Supers?

And I am pretty pleased with myself. Mainly, I’m pleased that I finished any sort of creative project this year. In addition to being this year, with all that entails–health concerns, economic concerns, creeping fascism, keeping children safe–I also landed a full-time permanent job, 25 months on. Whew. That has taken a lot of energy, learning the ropes and all.

I hope you’re doing pretty OK, and if you’re not, I can understand why & hope you come through it OK.

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