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cover pngEarlier this year, I wrote a game called What’s So Comic About Supers? It’s a table-top, pen and paper role playing game (in person or whatever, it’s 2020, after all, stay safe, everyone). You are encouraged to imagine the adventures of a comic book hero, maybe a super hero, maybe something less mighty. You can get it here.

What’s So Comic about Supers? is part of a bunch of games written over the summer by a bunch of TTRPG writers riffing on a game called What’s So Cool About Outer Space? Which you can get here.

Artful Anticks. [In verse. With illustrations.]A couple of days ago, I put up a game called Chatter/Box. This one is, mostly, my own. It has a lot in common with the other one, since it’s played mostly by sitting around with friends and talking about cool things to do. I built the game up from a couple of “what if a game did this…?” premises. I also developed the dispute resolution rules and mechanics without knowing reference to other systems. Whoa.

From time to time, as you play, you and your friends will have a disagreement about what the characters should do next. At this point, the conversation turns in the direction of outlandish set pieces. Think about those fist fights in The Quiet Man or They Live! Think about chase scenes in James Bond movies. Think about firefights in shows like The A-Team or movies like RED. But less blood.

Then roll some dice, or maybe flip some playing cards. This will resolve the dispute, and this will also affect how the characters relate to one another going forward. Think about how characters in movies like the Lethal Weapon series change, or how relationships in shows like Supernatural develop.

But always remember: the other players are your friends, and the characters always are building on a foundation of fondness.

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