Here’s a thing you can do…

You can subscibe to my Grumble Flap newsletter! It’s like this blog, but different and better!

It’s different because when I post here, you get an e-mail telling you that I did that (maybe you do, certainly to you if you’ve signed up for that)! And the things I post here will be different things than the things I put into the newsletter, but they will be the same kind of things!

It’s better because it comes out once a week, probably sometime on Mondays, ideally fairly early in the day (eastern USA timezone). This is better because I don’t post here very much.

I’ll work on that. Basically, I have to get over myself & really internalize the idea that I can post pretty much whatever here. And, also, figure out an easy way to deal with the wordpress interface. It feels like a lot clicking to get anything done here.

Anway. Subscribe to an honest-to-goodness newsletter with my foolishness in it here.

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