Possum and Sword & Knapsack

Have you ever wanted to play a possum character in your favorite table top role-playing game? Or maybe intelligent adventuring gear? Now you can do both!

A little while ago, as I write these words, there was this…

Where you can see that the initial inspiration came from someone else’s thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons.

It is a silly idea, but built out into a character framework that I think has some real possibility for a player up to the challenge. The challenge?

The challenge is balancing playing an animal with uplifted intelligence, but zero intellectual or cultural framework for adventuring who is part of the character. The other part is intelligent adventure gear who has no understanding of anything that is not directed toward adventuring.

The sword & knapsack are a single magic item, and lose their magic if they are separated. It urges its bearer into a life of adventure. In this framework, it has never been borne by a creature who does not understand adventuring.

The player is asked to balance these urges that combine into a new character. The possum has possumy motivations (and comes from an intelligent, in a possumy way, subspecies of possums). The sword & knapsack changes its bearer into an adventurer, magically adjusting to its size, and magically adjusting its bearer’s abilities over time to accommodate its adventuring urges.

Neither being is a complete adventurer, and the character melds the two ways of life over time.

Get your copy on itch.

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