The Bright Ages: A follow-up

So, The Bright Ages. Easy to read, maybe challenging to digest.

There has been some recent controversy about The Bright Ages, and I think it is important to acknowledge where the criticism makes important points about the failures of the authors. See the full review by M. Rambaran-Olm on Medium. In brief, the authors did a poor job acknowledging how their sources were integrated into their text, and failed to really engage directly with other contemporary scholarship. In a book that was, in large part, about pointing out how the thousand years were not a “dark age” and that Europe is not the center of the world, the white authors still managed to center their own white-inflected worldview. There is a related issue in that this review, published on Medium, was originally commissioned for the Los Angeles Review of Books, but not published there. I will leave a tweet here for the interested reader to dig into that controversy.

The above appears as an edit to this post from last year.

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