figuring out the economy

driving to the dentist yesterday, one of the two little voices in the back seat piped up and explained to me that amazon is a problem because if people only buy from there then if they get too big then there won’t be any other places to buy things from

and if they get too big, and they have all the money, then they won’t want to actually send people the things they buy, because they’ll already have all the money, so they won’t feel like actually getting things to people

i asked him if this just occurred to him and he said yes… except he was sort of thinking about this video he saw about how roblox is a scam

and the other voice piped in and said that it’s not exactly roblox that’s a scam, but the robux part of it, which the first one said yeah to

then they explained how robux is a scam, which you either already know or don’t, but isn’t the point
the point is that the single-digit-aged little one extrapolated, somehow, from robux is a scam to…

if amazon gets too big, and has all the money, then people won’t have any shopping choices and amazon will loose its motivation to provide good service because it won’t have any competition, and it will have all the money

and the dude is right

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