it was big and it was coming right at us

there was this tall tall building, right, like, super tall

a lot of steps






and at the top there was this observation deck, and it was an open air deck, and it wasn’t very windy, and it was sunny up there, warm in just the right way

and after a while that thing happened that you said would happen

and the space shuttle was getting closer, but it seemed to be coming pretty slowly, right at us, and the plan was to jump off of the observation deck, and land on a soft, huge, pad floating in the air, and so you jumped, because it was a good plan

and i looked over the edge of the observation deck

and there you were, falling

and i could see the huge pad, and the clouds around it, and i thought, ‘oh, no.’

because you were going to miss the pad, but you landed on a cloud, and things were okay, but the space shuttle was still approaching, right at me, right where you and i had been a moment ago, and where i was, looking at the huge pad and its surrounding clouds

blowing on the wind, which was pleasant a moment ago, before the space shuttle showed up

and which was now leaving me behind, so i did not jump

i started running down the stairs

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