No, really. How is it going publishing on itch?

It’s going fine, honestly. It’s still easy to do, and making changes to listings is also easy.

For instance, I made changes to almost all of my listings today. The short of it is everything is pay what you want, suggested offering: two bucks.

“Why?” you might ask. “Why would you give up so much loooot?”

To which, you know, the answer is: there is no loot. In an ideal world, I will eventually sell enough things for actual dollars from these paltry table-top role-playing game bits-n-bobs to liberate my woeful bucks from the clutches of Payoneer. But that’s my problem, not yours.

I want people to grab my writing, otherwise I wouldn’t bother navigating even itch’s really very nice interface.

But I don’t really want anyone to have to pay for it. Honestly, I’m happy with these things for what they are, but they aren’t all that much.

Holding Community Copies hostage to other people’s willingness to pay me loot for these things never felt good, and so that’s not what I’m going to do.

So: no more Community Copies, just pay what you want, and maybe you want to pay two buck. And maaayybeee you want to pay, oh, I don’t know, like eighty bucks or something.

Other than that, things are just uneventfully rolling along publishing on itch.

p.s. Mages & Mooks remains in the hopper, and will some day hop out, and I have a bit of nonsense I fully intend to complete in time to submit to a jam before the end-of-December deadline.

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