Ashley’s Neighbor is Still Going to the Music Festival

Gawdammit, Ashley! Yer fekkin ferrit just… gahhhhh… hooo-hooo-hooo… catch yer breath girl, no hyperventaliatin now…

Ashley. Gawdammit. Yer fekkin ferrit just ate my ticket to Fancy Mullet ex-ex-ex-vee-eye-eye!

I gotta get to Fancy Mullet, Eye-Enn, pop seventeen thousands for the music festival! They’re rafflin off a little pink house, Ashley! And yer fekkin fer… gahhhhhh…. hooo-heee-hooo-heee-phoosh… okay… okay… okay…

I gotta get that little pink house, Ashley, and yer fekkin ferrit is… in. my. way! I’m gonna skin that tube ratta yers.

Look, I’m goin. Fancy Mullet, Eye-Enn is only a few hours away. I got the day off. I’ll grab Zeke at the Five O’Clock Dock on my way out of town & scam his ticked offa him on the way. You know… somehow.

I’ll take careah that ferrit when I get back.

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