It appears … (Hasbro edition, cont.)

I thought maybe I’d be done after the second post in this series. But, you know, I couldn’t resist having and sharing a few more thoughts. And, since the D&D team actually posted something about all this hoopla-fran-and-ollie, there’s something to react to, place in my frame, and refine my thoughts against. It’s posted to… Continue Reading →

It appears … (Hasbro edition, cont.)

Someone left a thoughtful comment on the Cohost! posting of this Grumbleflap post. For my own peace of mind, I’m putting my reply here. Thanks! I keep thinking about Marvel, too. It seems like the most obvious comparable. It’s a deep lore product that’s jumped media in recent years, and successfully shifted its public persona,… Continue Reading →

It appears … (Hasbro edition)

Just some passing thoughts, to see if my crystal ball today saw anything like reality in a year from now or so… Hasbro appears (assume all of these assertions include an “appears to me”)… to be shifting Dungeons and Dragons from a mainly table-top game with a lot of online play options to a mainly… Continue Reading →

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