What The Prisoner Demands

The Times Literary Supplement recently dropped an essay/multi-title book review by Julian Baggini on morality and ethics. (Baggini uses the two words interchangeably. Is this normal in such high-brow discussions?) I was reminded of The Prisoner by a couple of paragraphs deep in the essay. First: Many moral philosophers are at work in this space,… Continue Reading →

The Prisoner, an appreciation (pt. 4)

Kim, I’ve just watched “Schizoid.” I didn’t give up on AMC’s The Prisoner. There’s one episode left, and I want to think a bit about where things seem to be going before we get there. I want to make my wrong guesses honestly, I think. So… The Prisoner seems to have turned pretty firmly in… Continue Reading →

The Prisoner, an Appreciation (pt. 3)

Kim, I’ve watched half of AMC’s The Prisoner now. Among my thoughts remain this idea that the narrative itself is playing games. I mean, obviously Two is playing games, though they seem to be primarily games of power, with no as yet clearly articulated outcome; Two seems merely interested in maintaining power over the rest… Continue Reading →

The Prisoner, an Appreciation (pt. 2)

Kim, I’ve watched the first two episodes of AMC’s The Prisoner and have some thoughts. Rover is a lot more intimidating in this series than in the original. I was hoping to avoid very many comparisons with the original, and I’ll still try. But the first episode was rife with references, and the spine of… Continue Reading →

The Prisoner, an Appreciation (pt. 1)

Kim, I’m running late. The holiday weekend was busier and more eventful than I expected, and I didn’t have time to sit down and watch any of the episodes of The Prisoner. But, I promised you a review, and you’ll get it. In a few parts. Maybe 7. This first one will be some reminiscences… Continue Reading →

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