Welcome to my site. Grumble Flap is the blog, and you’ll find links to my other activity on line above.

Comments are generally welcome, generally moderated, and have to earn a place in the discussion. Don’t be a jerk. Be clear.

I have been a public servant in community and economic development, and I have been a bookseller. One election cycle I worked for the Michigan Democratic Party, and that was something.

When talking about media, I try to avoid spoilers, but I do not try very hard; which, when it comes down to it, is about as much actual researchy fact-checking I do for those sorts of thing. It’s pretty subjective around here.

When I address politics, social issues, and public policy, I am a lot more likely to do a bit of reading. However, If I’m wrong or narrow-minded about something, I’ll be glad to have that pointed out and correct myself. See the comment guidelines above.

When talking about role playing games, I’m likely to split the difference. So watch out.

I live in West Michigan, with wife and children. Sometimes I write here. At one point I wrote a bit about Unitarian Universalism, trying to wrap my brain around it. You can see those by visiting this page.

This blog consists of new posts as well as being the repository for posts from previous blogs I wrote called Interstellar Gas (entertainment reviews, heavy on the SF), This Is Worker Speaking (religion, mostly, heavy on the UU), and Shannon Suggests (the opportunity to buy books I feel pretty good about). Any of these topics are fair game on Grumble Flap, of course, and I will continue to use those titles as categories here.

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