“We have a… hang on, what have we got?”

It's been a little while since we saw this. It was certainly worth while. And, like so many, I was impressed with the interplay between Stark and Banner, and with the oh, so short but effective, human moments of the dynamic heroes ArrowGuy and SexyChick (what were their actual Super Hero names? Something less dismissive,... Continue Reading →

Game of Oh Lookit That! A Crow!

Geek Night has moved on to season one of Game of Thrones. We're about half way though, and here's what we've learned. If you're little, you're likeable, and the larger you are, the less likable you're likely to be. There are exceptions. Ned, while amongst the largest characters, remains among the most likable. However, he's... Continue Reading →

Geek Night Update: ST & SG-1

We've started up with two new shows. Of course, they're not really new shows, so much as shows some of us were familiar with from long-standing fandom. More-or-less. We're still doing two episodes a night, generally, mixed in with eating (especially chocolate cake, when I'm lucky), and--in addition to the now-seven-year-old--two (count 'em, two! and... Continue Reading →

“Half-human on My Mother’s Side”

The Doctor lies, so the title of this post is not the big secret at the end of "The Wedding of River Song." In any case, we got to the end of the season where the Doctor Dies! Dun-dun-dun... And, he--of course--did not die. I predicted this, so I'm feelin' pretty gooood about things. I... Continue Reading →

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