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Bitten by a Camel

Ok. Disclosure up front: I know this author. He’s Lead Teacher at the congregation I attend.

The things he questions could fill a bigger book than this. But they do not need to. Part memoir, part meditation. Dobson exposes his uncertainties, shares experiences we all have been though, and shows us places Christians dream of as places where the sacred, maybe–sometimes, shines through. “The sum total of our experiences, in all their messy glory, is where we live our spiritual lives.” If Spong is your guy, then here’s a young one to watch.

Aunt Poldi and the Sicilian Lions: A fresh new series begins with a Bang!

If it’s murder, it’s Poldi getting in people’s faces. Sicilian people’s faces, which is to say her new neighbors. When Aunt Poldi moved to Sicily, it was with a plan to get old and die of misery in pretty short order. When a friend, a young man, is killed, Poldi finds a new path.

Uncovering secrets, dodging Dobermans, a sprinkle of looovee, and a narrator who can hardly believe what his Aunt is up to add up to a great into to a promising new mystery series.

Frederik Sandwich and the Earthquake That Couldn’t Possibly Be

When the impossible happens, Frederik Sandwich leaps into the fray! No, actually not. He runs, hopes not to be noticed, but cannot help but tell the truth anyway, despite every adult insisting nothing happened and the dire punishments for talking about it. Drawn ever deeper into the mystery by the impulsive, full-of-bad-ideas Pernille, Frederik tries desperately to avoid having to save the day and be declared an Outerloper. Full of laughs and chilling encounters with unkind neighbors and underground passageways, this book is sure to please.

Aaaannnnnnd…. looking forward to the Feb. 2019 release of

Frederik Sandwich and the Mayor Who Lost Her Marbles…

The Voynich Manuscript

Mysterious hoax or mysterious guide to the good life, Medieval Style?

Yale University has long held the only copy of The Voynich Manuscript, and now Yale University Press brings you the only bound edition, as it was meant to be seen!

Finally, and for the first time anywhere, you can examine this stunning and though-provoking text for yourself. Or, as one scholar has put it, go down the rabbit hols, and find the key to its meaning!

The Penguin Book of Hell

When a topic like Hell floats into a conversation, it’s a great thing to be able to move beyond the aphoristic sort of “Hell is other people” comment, and have some material to really dig into. This book, with its historically wide net, gives the reader plenty to chew on and consider. Especially important are the 20th Century passages where Bruce allows the idea of Hell to expand beyond its imaginative and theological roots and encompasses human-made hells including solitary confinement and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.