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Tattoos on the Heart and Barking to the Choir

Fr. Greg Boyle has been working to reduce the terrible effects on people of gang activity for decades.

This Fresh Air segment originally aired in 2017.
His work is important, and his stories are both heartbreaking and inspiring.

His two books are worth a look. His first, Tattoos on the Heart, and his latest, Barking to the Choir.

The Gilded Wolves

A thrilling fantasy world, complex and fully developed awaits the reader here. Vivid language and lush settings conspire to enthrall the reader as fatefully as the villains and heroes who struggle to find and hold onto the truth. Hidden in a city lost to time, and distant from our own lives, a tale of trust and betrayal plays out in the mind of the reader, and Roshani Chokshi’s world lingers in our thoughts for some time after the final page.

The Wolf in the Whale

A fascinating world opens up thanks to the imaginative work of Jordanna Max Brodsky. Combining research into contemporary far north tribal society, current archeological understanding of the first European contacts with North America, and what-if dreams of ancient powers, she creates a story powerful and empowering. Fans of Neil Gaiman will welcome this addition to the literature exploring the tension of all-too human life when it draws the attention of gods. She lifts the veil from a unique world we can all explore, and leaves us with much to ponder.

Frederik Sandwich and the Mayor Who Lost Her Marbles

A couple of months have passed since the earthquake that couldn’t possbily be, and Frederik is beginning to feel it is safe to reenter the society of Frederik’s Hill. Pernille couldn’t care less, though. She has her own things to attend to, and if Frederik isn’t friend enough to come along, she’ll take care of them on her own. Then word that there would soon be zombies shocks the community, and especially the controlling mayor. The mayor’s midsummer festival must be protected at all costs!

Things spiral rapidly beyong Frederik’s control, and the simmering tensions shooting through the community affect even the friendship at the heart of this book. Separations, old rivalries, new partnerships, and mysteries solved. This is a fantastically funny middle grade novel with a strong backbone about outsiders and others.

Aunt Poldi and the Sicilian Lions Now in Paperback!

Now available in paperback, the irrepressible, irresistible Aunt Poldi takes on the lions of Sicily

If it’s murder, it’s Poldi getting in people’s faces. Sicilian people’s faces, which is to say her new neighbors. When Aunt Poldi moved to Sicily, it was with a plan to get old and die of misery in pretty short order. When a friend, a young man, is killed, Poldi finds a new path.

Uncovering secrets, dodging Dobermans, a sprinkle of looovee, and a narrator who can hardly believe what his Aunt is up to add up to a great into to a promising new mystery series.