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A Different Pond

I just received some nice news. The August 2017 Kids’ Indie Next list includes my blurb for A Different Pond by Bao Phi and Thi Bui. Here it is.

A strong, quiet story about love, family connection, and the way community is built on small shared moments. Bao Phi’s clear prose tells a story where maybe not much seems to happen, but illuminates the whole world for a child who loves his father, and stretches himself. Thi Bui’s illustrations and page layouts bring the reader into the life of a boy, a family, and the community where they live.

Sam, the Most Scaredy-Cat Kid in the Whole World

Your pal Mo Willems returns with a tale of friendship, fear, and fuzzy monsters. Sam has to learn to cope with his fears, and Kerry is right there with him, coping with her own fears. The fuzzy monsters? They take a break. This is a wonderful book for early readers to practice their words, families to talk about getting through it, and for parents to learn from, too. Airy page design, muted palette, and lively illustrations make the book fun for even pre-readers to enjoy.

End of the World Running Club

A dystopia full of hope, a running manual full of feeling, and a family man full of remorse. This fast-paced run across the island of Great Britain takes Edgar Hill through that most difficult terrain–self-assessment. When a swarm of asteroids wreaks wide-spread destruction, the survivors struggle to make sense of the new world. Some do better than others, and Ed threads a path between dangers and pitfalls. At the end of the world, we find that the only answers are the ones we know at the beginning.