Axis Mundi: Terra Discussion

Axis mundi, the center of the world, was the topic of discussion at C3 West Michigan's Spiritual connection this past Sunday. Kent Dobson touched on many notions, but one to which my thoughts returned several times over the day was the sacred|particular tension. I liked that Dobson used the word 'particular' when talking about sacred... Continue Reading →

Community in Community

When thinking about the previous post, I came across this post from the politywonk blog. It's difficult to extract a meaningful quote from the post, but here's something at least. "But what is the value of this to the regulars? Free rangers (which is not the same as wanderers who stumble through ) know they... Continue Reading →

How do we live like that?

I have begun this post a few times. I keep getting bogged down in throat clearing. What I want to talk about is how my current religious community informs the way I live my life. The background here includes the UU posts from a few years ago (see the This is Worker Speaking posts in... Continue Reading →

Why I am not an Atheist

(I had a poli-sci professor who once compared me to my namesake: slow and meandering. Other students in this seminar years ago wondered how I could take such an insult, but I was acing the writing-intensive course so I didn't see it that way. This 900 word post grew out of a FB conversation I... Continue Reading →

Great News

Our congregation has been accepted in the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations! (Note on old UU posts.)

In the Library, with a Lead Pipe

Here's the scenario... I'm sitting in my local UU congregation, and we have a guest, a Sikh guru, who gives our sermon that week on the history and basic teachings of Sikhism. After the guru has gone home I find I can't get the ideas out of my head... they're really speaking to me, and... Continue Reading →

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