I’m on the job search. I worked for a few years at The Bookman, an indie bookstore in Grand Haven, MI. The current owner team has decided to sell the store, and part of the transition required adjusting staffing. Which means I’m out of a job. Which is OK, except for the part where I’m out of a job.

So if you’re aware of any openings, here’s a bit about what I can offer. My customer service ethic is “my job is to get the customer the thing I have.” And “the customer” includes not only the person who walks in the front door of the business or agency where I work, it’s co-workers up and down the chain, board members, whoever. Everyone deserves to respectfully get the thing I have to give. I have worked in retail for many years, and have several years in public service. So things I have done include ordering, accounts payable, social media, board support, agendas, public meetings, record keeping, grant writing and administration, property management, court appearances, media appearances, strategic plan development and implementation, government liaison, staff supervision, ad hoc committee formation and direction, and community outreach projects.

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