Dracula thread

twitter.com/shannonmcmaster/status/1390687531944005637 If fact there are two awesome Dracula threads here. Posting externally because T-site hides things.

sure american football monopoly and that dragon game are all games and equivalent at that level of abstraction but also they are fundamentally different things the closer rules are scrutinized signed a vertebrate who is also a mammal

At some level of abstraction defining and making equivalent "games" as rules that guide play draws a thing Americans are familiar with called 1040 into the corral of games. Because all you have done at that level of abstraction is begged the question "what is X?" Aaannnd... you now have two X to deal with.... Continue Reading →

Stars Hollow Murders

Gilmore Girls reunion show, but a cozy: Star Hollow Murders. The most festival small town in Connecticut just got deadly. And municipal water. Finally. Rory’s baby is now in 1st grade. Rory & Lorelai always find stiffs on the way to each week’s new seasonal festival’s food truck for hotdogs, elephant ears or coffee or... Continue Reading →

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