what do you think the next level of #ttrpg entertainment is going to look like, and how does the thing hit it, and what is the thing, and does it look like professional wrestling?

There's this https://twitter.com/shawnmerwin/status/1514988146626281479?s=20&t=J3L4MgAQ2k0lpqeqiRBnPw and then there was this https://twitter.com/shannonmcmaster/status/1514994431786635266?s=20&t=J3L4MgAQ2k0lpqeqiRBnPw and then an assurance from Shawn Merwin that there wasn't anything specific to talk about. It was a wide-ranging question, all the facets of any of those words are up for grabs. So. (If you're new around here, this is one of the discursive posts where... Continue Reading →

when my daughter was an infant i was carrying her around a carnival set up on a downtown street and part of the carnival area was a pocket park between a bank and a coffee shop and in that park was a whitesnake cover band and as i walked toward it she whipped her head around to watch the band and as i walked past it she whipped her head around to my other shoulder to keep watching it and when she was old enough to teach cute toddler tricks to the first one we taught her was that the answer to what is love is love is a battlefield because she is a rock-n-roll baby


In 1999 it is Seattle

This Seattle is not any Seattle I expected. My expectations were limited to knowledge of: a tv show I did not watch is set here; a comic book series I bought ten years earlier was also set here; a game company that published a game I had heard of but never played & also published... Continue Reading →

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