Ashley’s Neighbor has Said Some Things

Meet Ashley's Neighbor "Gawdammit, Ashley, if you don't keep your fekkin ferret outta my trailer, I sweartagawd I'm gonna send it back in a casserole. I can do it, I'm a culinary student. I got the knives. I know how to skin things." Ashley's Neighbor, Philanthropist "Gawdammit Ashley, you owe me a hundred and fifty... Continue Reading →

Ashley’s Neighbor is Still Going to the Music Festival

Gawdammit, Ashley! Yer fekkin ferrit just... gahhhhh... hooo-hooo-hooo... catch yer breath girl, no hyperventaliatin now... Ashley. Gawdammit. Yer fekkin ferrit just ate my ticket to Fancy Mullet ex-ex-ex-vee-eye-eye! I gotta get to Fancy Mullet, Eye-Enn, pop seventeen thousands for the music festival! They're rafflin off a little pink house, Ashley! And yer fekkin fer... gahhhhhh....... Continue Reading →

Using itch: advice request

This is, indeed, me soliciting advice on how to use The short of it: finance people are holding the tiny bit of money I have made on itch, and won't send me my money unless they can send more than they're currently holding. More detail below the jump. The advice I need is how... Continue Reading →

Finally. Mages & Mooks, ready for your hard magic enjoyments... all of them. Finally. I started work on this game in, I think, August of 2020. I came at it off-and-on, and even released other stuff. I stripped it down to its bones, all the way down to concept, a few times, and built up... Continue Reading →

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